I wanted to repost this comment for others to see if considering a tour of Dharavi Slums... Traveling from the USA it was our last day in Mumbai. We had many choices to tour that day. We decided to tour the Dharavi Slums to get a better sense of life in this beautiful city. Fortunately for us we were met with the kindest, most accommodating tour guide, Sagar Vatapu. Sagar pulled out all the stops to ensure every site was seen, and every question we had was answered. We learned about life of the people living and working in the slums, various religions and neighborhoods and the sense of community. One cannot mistake the sensory stimulation one will encounter during your tour. It was amazing! There’s no question that the children of Dharavi make this place special. Having minimal means yet maintaining a playful laughter. We enjoyed our tour very much, and it was all brought to life by our fantastic host and guide, Sagar. Thank you friend!
— Michael, California
If you’re going to India soon and want to see one of the RAWEST and REALEST part of it definitely hit up these guys. You’re not going to find a more entertaining group of people to make this journey all the more worth while. ONE of the BEST TOUR you’ll get it. and to top it off they are killer on the dance floor!!! Miss their crazy personalities and laughter.
Best of luck you guys!!
— Yeng, New York
Best of luck, Sagar, Akash and Sunil! This is going to be great. Have always liked your tours. They are probably the most interesting thing to see in town. Can only recommend to everybody.
— Cornelia, Germany
A place where different religions, different casts and professions and many different businesses live together so naturally. I would have never imagined it like that. Must see
— Axel, Germany